Sotterranea's cookie policy

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file sent to your web browser by the sites that you visit. Cookies permit the site to function efficiently, improve performance and provide information to the proprietor of the site for statistical and advertising purposes.
There are two different types of cookies: profiling cookies, which are used to create user profiles and in general employed in order to make possible the display of personalized ads on the site, and technical cookies, which make navigation of the site possible and provide the services the user requires. A further distinction is made on the basis of who installed the cookies, whether it was the manager of the site in question (first-party cookies) or someone else (third-party cookies).

Which cookies does Sotterranea? use
Only technical cookies are used on this site in order to improve functionality and to collect statistical data (for example, Google Analytics cookies), with no advertising objective whatsoever.

How to disable cookies on your browser
Disabling the installation of cookies can compromise the functionality of the site in question; however, the following browsers do allow cookies to be disabled:

  • Mozilla Firefox (info);
  • Google Chrome (info);
  • Internet Explorer (info);
  • Safari (info);
  • Opera (info).