Underground there are no seasons, no hours of the day or night. The light, if any, is neon; the ceiling is low, and there is never a pleasant odor. An unusual ambience, unusual sensations, await those who descend underneath a city like Milan, a metropolis that is constantly changing and increasingly stretched upwards towards the sky.
Sotterranea is the exploration of that world, the search for a mysterious creature and for hidden treasures, the story of the places and people that are a part of the belly of Milan.

The trip below the city’s surface begins with the words of a story loosely based on the "Celestial stag," a text contained in the "Book of Imaginary Beings" by Jorge Luis Borges. The end of this adaptation of Borges’ story is deliberately absent; it is for the visitor to choose the routes and the ways in which to conduct his research.

Sotterranea, however, is not only a webdoc, he project also consists of a documentary film.
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Sotterranea is a production of Chiara Campara, Matteo Ninni e Carlo Tartivita;
distributed with Creative Commons License Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Italy Licenza Creative Commons

Produced by Chiara Campara, Matteo Ninni e Carlo Tartivita
with the collaboration of the Civica Scuola di Cinema and support of crowdfunders: Francesca Berlinzani, Ilaria Canobbio, Sara Compri, Paolo De Stefano, Elisabetta Gobbi, Lorenzo Faggi, Francesca Ferrario, Giulia Lombardo, Federico Magalini, Luigi Pepe, Corrado Primier, Maria Rosa Rusconi, Lucio Ruvidotti, Elisa Paola Saracchi, Tino Tartivita, Filippo Valenti

Photography, sound and editing by Chiara Campara, Matteo Ninni e Carlo Tartivita

Webdesign by Carlo Tartivita

Illustrations by Marta Carraro

Music by Le Gros Ballon (Francesco Campanozzi & Marco Capra)

Audio mix by Tommaso Peregalli

Color correction by Federico Gnoli

Introductory video narrarrion by Mara Pieri

The text of the introductory video is loosely based on Jorge Luis Borges’s "Book of Imaginary Beings".

Translation Italian - English: by Renée Lin


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